Saturday, 15 February 2014

Wheatgrass juice - how to start drinking it

Not long ago I bought a wheatgrass juicer  (I bought Lexen, which you can see on the image ) because I heard so many good things about drinking wheatgrass. I also tasted the "juice" at a health festival - true it was from powder, not the freshly pressed juice. I liked the taste and thought it would not cause me any problems as some people reported due to fast detoxification in the body.

Then I went to a bio store and bought my first batch of wheatgrass. Luckily the shop assistant asked me several questions about how I would like to consume it and whether I have already drunk it. So she advised me to dilute it with water when I first start. I thanked her and proudly walked home with my wheatgrass.

Then, when I first pressed the juice out  I - of course- tasted the juice that came out. It was so intense I couldn't drink it!!!! I was wise enough to only take a sip from it luckily, so immediately I diluted it in a 1-10 proportion. This time I managed to drink half of it. ( The original amount was 20 ml - but I suggest starting with only 15 ml per day)

I learned my lesson - again - to listen to those who already have experience because she was right: wheat grass juice from powder doesn't even come close to the freshly pressed one.

 My advice to you when you start out: take it step by step. First buy the wheatgrass powder so that your body gets accustomed to the taste and detoxifying effect, then go juicing but even in this case first start out with diluted wheatgrass juice.

Here you will find some pictures of me using the juicer and end result:


  1. I've tried this and I must say I like it!

  2. I'm not sure if I could drink grass juice. I may try it sometime but not really planning on it. :)

  3. I actually don't know If I could do it!