Friday, 23 May 2014

Total Wellness Cleanse - What is it and why is it beneficial?

The Total Wellness Cleanse is a 30-day step-by-step "no tablets or remedies" 100% food-based cleanse that assists health-conscious people cleanse their bodies securely, while educating and aiding them to develop healthy and balanced and long lasting diet routines that will lead to lasting wellness, vitality, and a healthy and balanced physical body weight.

It's broken down into 2 phases ...

The 14-day Cleanse Stage where you omit the most troublesome and allergenic foods including milk, meat,eggs, soy, peanuts, nuts, grains, certain fruit, and sugar.

Throughout this stage we have 3 objectives:.

1. To abolish craving for sugar.
2. To clear the blood of toxins.
3. Remove poisons and offer essential nutrients for cellular and wide spread detoxification.
And we do ALL of this with our exclusive 14-day dish plan and 67 whole food-based purifying dishes.

After the very first 14 days, Total Wellness Cleanse users transition to the Maintenance Stage and allow the "cleanser" to re-introduce a few of the formerly excluded foods in a fashion that works ideal for them.

The TWC additionally give them with an 8-week dish plan and 67 additional recipes that are slightly much more liberal yet very healthy and balanced so they can maintain their health and wellness enhancements for as long as possible.

All the customers that have actually undergone the Total Wellness Cleanse program have reported incredible advantages and health benefits such as:

-Weight reduction.
-Skin improvements.
-Boosted energy.
-Improved food digestion function.
-Less allergic reactions.
-Healthier blood glucose levels.
-And even more!

Watch this short video on this cleansing program:

Click here to find out more or to embark on this wellness  program

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Top 3 Reasons For Having a Vitamix Blender

I know a lot of people say that any blender is great and the price of the Vitamix blenders is not justified. Let me break it down why it is really worth investing into a Vitamix blender as opposed to the cheap variations.
1. Most of the blenders can only make smoothies - that's it, on the other hand, you can use the Vitamix not only for smoothies, but to make soup, sauces, ice-cream, peanut butter and so on in seconds. You can prepare all your main dishes with it in seconds. It really frees up a lot of time that you can spend with your loved ones.
2. The Vitamix blenders come with 7 years guarantee. Whatever goes wrong you are covered. No need to buy a new blender every other month.
3. You are also given hundreds of recipes - no more headache about what to cook for your family; what's more, cleanup is really simple: you just run soapy water through and you're done.
One more note on the Vitamix vs Blendtech argument: In my opinion Vitamix performs better in everything and it is more price worthy as well. If you want to - for example make peanut butter, you have to purchase another container with blades in the case of Blendtech, which costs you $100+, while when you purchase a Vitamix, you are set to go. No further purchases required.
I also love the fact that I can manually time the Vitamix. Time depends on what fruit and vegetables you put in in what percentage. It's NEVER the same. So with Blendtech you can end up with having to start the automatic thing again as there is no option of setting the time manually.
The 64 oz container is enough for the whole family. If you live alone you can fill it only halfway and put the remaining stuff into your fridge for a later time. What I also love about Vitamix is that they really look after their customers. You can have the 64 oz container and also fit the blender under your counter if you wish so. For this special reason they developed the 750, which is one of the most favorites among the Vitamix blenders.
Another thing I love about the company is that they developed several types from these blender. Each one of them looks somewhat different, so you can choose the one that you like the most and/or that suits your kitchen best. Their price point also differs, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits these blenders can offer.

About the Author

I'm a great addict of raw food diet because I like to be healthy, fit and full of energy. One essential "gadget" needed in raw food diet is a Vitamix professional blender.So I searched online to help others buy one on sale for the best price available. Click on Vitamix CIA blenders on sale to see some of the best sales.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Everlasting green smoothie formula

just follow this guide and you can't go wrong when it comes to making green smoothies :)

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Flavonmax has become one of the superbrands for a reason. See why it is worth paying attention in this short presentation! Click here to get more info:

Monday, 17 February 2014

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Wheatgrass juice - how to start drinking it

Not long ago I bought a wheatgrass juicer  (I bought Lexen, which you can see on the image ) because I heard so many good things about drinking wheatgrass. I also tasted the "juice" at a health festival - true it was from powder, not the freshly pressed juice. I liked the taste and thought it would not cause me any problems as some people reported due to fast detoxification in the body.

Then I went to a bio store and bought my first batch of wheatgrass. Luckily the shop assistant asked me several questions about how I would like to consume it and whether I have already drunk it. So she advised me to dilute it with water when I first start. I thanked her and proudly walked home with my wheatgrass.

Then, when I first pressed the juice out  I - of course- tasted the juice that came out. It was so intense I couldn't drink it!!!! I was wise enough to only take a sip from it luckily, so immediately I diluted it in a 1-10 proportion. This time I managed to drink half of it. ( The original amount was 20 ml - but I suggest starting with only 15 ml per day)

I learned my lesson - again - to listen to those who already have experience because she was right: wheat grass juice from powder doesn't even come close to the freshly pressed one.

 My advice to you when you start out: take it step by step. First buy the wheatgrass powder so that your body gets accustomed to the taste and detoxifying effect, then go juicing but even in this case first start out with diluted wheatgrass juice.

Here you will find some pictures of me using the juicer and end result:

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Where to buy Vitamix blenders on sale - great video!

If you are looking for a great bargain price watch this video! You will find out where to buy a Vitamix with more than $100 off the price - not just a $20 coupon code! So get the cheapest price and still enjoy the 7 year guarantee and free shipping with these Vitamix blenders on sale :)