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Raw Food Diet Ideas

Raw foods are becoming popular again. It's a kind of cultural idea that is wonderful and beneficial to good health. Many years ago, around 1980, I was involved with a Wheat Grass Institute and teaching people about raw foods, how to live on them every day, and how to use raw foods to heal from illness. The entire raw food lifestyle was pretty basic back then, when it was mostly sprouts, juices and vegetables and creative salads and sprouted breads or patties.
These days, we have gourmet raw food chefs that are amazing. They make the most wonderful creations of all kinds of combinations of raw foods, making them into patties, loafs, raw pizza, raw apple pie, raw crackers, raw sprouted grain bread, raw "spaghetti sauce" with grated zucchini and more. Or, they bring together magical combinations of foods, like almonds, walnuts and some veggies, maybe a little onion, some carrot and put those in a food processor with seasonings such as soy sauce for a high protein "nut cheese" mixture we can put on our salad.
Here are a few quick ideas on how to integrate super healthy raw foods into your daily routine. 
Let's start with avocados. Avocados provide essential fatty acids and concentrated protein easy to add to a salad. Add some lettuce, tomato, cucumber and cabbage to jazz it up a bit. A favorite breakfast combination is avocado and banana just sliced together, a delicious way to combine fat, protein with carbs, to slow down blood sugar overload from the carbs in the banana, and easy enough for a baby to digest.
Sprouts are another amazing part of the raw food diet. What sprouts do for us is give us a very vital seven-day nutrient, containing powerful enzymes and life force of early plant growth; they are super rejuvenating and restorative to life force of the body. We rarely have to grow our own sprouts anymore since so many of them are generally sold in grocery stores. It's easy to pick up everything from wheatgrass to alfalfa and clover sprouts or traditional Oriental mung bean sprouts.
We can make some incredible dips and dressings out of raw foods. For instance, soak a half a cup of sunflower seeds, in a cup of water overnight (begins the sprouting process, making more digestible). Put in the blender with a little soy sauce, a bit of curry powder, some nice spices and herbs, and maybe a touch of honey and/or lemon juice. Blend the mixture till smooth, and you've got an incredible vegetable dip or salad dressing that's very nourishing, and filled with protein and essential fatty acids.
Another fun raw food concept is to make dehydrated vegetable chips. Slice zucchini, sweet potatoes or other seasonal raw vegetables, and put a few herbs on them and possibly a little bit of soy sauce or earth salt and chili pepper. Dry them in a dehydrator or low-temperature oven and they'll be like a potato chip but with no fat. They're not fried and not cooked, just a fun, healthy raw food snack that mimics something familiar, so it helps us with dietary transition towards more raw.
Another treat to make in the dehydrator is vegetable/nut patties. Soak nuts and seeds such as almonds and sunflower seeds, drain and grind in a food processor. Put into a mixing bowl, and add grated zucchini squash, yellow squash, carrots, maybe some diced peppers. Add favorite herbs and spices for seasoning: a little oregano, dill, a pinch of curry and cumin. Stir and you'll have a nice soft mixture. Form the mix into patties, and dehydrate these for about 12-15 hours. You will have a nice little patty that can be served along with salad for a snack or as a main dish.
Adding raw foods to the diet will increase vitality, energy and immune system health. Give these ideas a try and look for more raw food ideas.
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