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Starting A Raw Food Diet Easily

Starting a Raw Food Diet Easily

starting a raw food diet
Starting a raw food diet is essentially a way of eating that does not involve the heating of foods. Heating foods above 118 degrees fahrenheit (40 degrees celsius) destroys their inherent food enzymes, a vast majority of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and their all important life force.

Natural food enzymes are extremely important because our bodies  produce only a limited amount of its own enzymes. Our bodies produce metabolic and digestive enzymes as well. The latter are used to break down foods whereas the former are essential to every single reaction in the body. The main problem is that we only produce a finite number of these enzimes.

When you eat cooked foods, you force your body to use more of its own enzyme reserves to digest them. Over time, this is just like continually withdrawing money from your bank account without making any deposits. Eventually, you will run out of enzymes!

Eating raw foods helps you make more "deposits" into your enzyme bank account, allowing your body to preserve its own precious enzymes for more important uses such as breaking down problematic cells, immune complexities, and so on.

The amazing part is that the possibilities are truly endless when starting a raw food diet. Many people think of not being able to eat meat or wheat as a huge limiting factor. But the fact remains that processed, dead foods are dangerous to your body and there are tons of delicious and nourishing raw food recipes that will give you so much more than you can possibly imagine. What's more they taste delicious!

raw foods diet
To learn more on starting a raw food diet and get fantastic, easy to make raw food recipes for beginners click on the image on the left.

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